The Journal – Erdem Genç


Companies Produce technology, it isThe Team that turns it in to a benefit for The People. No Matter how good a company is if The Team does not meet The values and vision everyhing will collapse. The presentation and The game is a vivid symbolisation of these principles.

We are all connected and we do have a domino effect on oneanother. What we do in One customers. Every one Makes their decisions either based on their own eksperiences or other Peoples experiences. Especially in Such a global WORLD we should aşways be keeping in mind “what ı do is what we will live up to”. The Roller Coaster game will make us experience The effect of even one single stone one small act/deed, on one another. We will build a huge railway together and our train will go all around the roller Coaster just like our domino effect goes aa around the world.
The impact and application of the Musical Pipes, which is created by using colorful tubes consisting of one different notes apiece, made the rendering of the songs that are easy for the participants and tough for the listeners, winded and great. ın this experience, we symbolize the essential notes of every single music track.
Musical Pipes in which we are all are the ivories of a piano does not accept any mistake! This led us to concentration and team spirit. Once we catched it, then we started to play in harmony. At the end, by our concert with the famous song, Eye Of Tiger, we showed everyone that we are ready as Rocky for the next season!